EIMI by Wella (B2B)

Creative concept development school project.


Drive end consumers sales by making hairdressers passionate about the EIMI styling range.


Getting a haircut is about so much more than just getting the hair cut. For example, take a look at a different service industry. Imagine that you work as a waiter in a restaurant and want to know how you can increase your sales and salary. You can always dress up in more fancy clothes or try to be more efficient and carry more plates, but nothing of this will assure you that you will get more money in your bank account.

Experiments have been made in this matter and it showed that just buy putting a hand on a guests shoulder not only increased the satisfaction of the visit, but it also increased the tipping from the guests! We thought that going that extra mile would increase the trust and satisfaction even for hairdressers and in the end make their clients more eager to tip and buy extra products they specifically recommend. In addition, we got aware that hairdressers have a lot of roles (psychologist, salesman, stylist, planner etc.), something that requires having a great “big data” memory!


Given the brief and our insights, we came up with EIMI AHEAD - an application where hairdressers easily can register relevant data about their clients after each meeting, making them feel special and remembered. This will provide hairdressers to offer excellent service experiences, even for those working at non-expensive salon segments. This will not only promote the hairdresser's brand, but also EIMI that will be the a natural part of the hairdresser’s everyday living.

EIMI AHEAD. Cut hair, not relations.